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          埃克塞特大学(University of Exeter),又名埃克斯特大学,是一所位于英国西南部的一流公立综合性研究型大学,起源于十九世纪中叶,于1955年受皇家特许正式创建大学。现为英国罗素大学集团、英联邦大学协会和GW4联盟等组织成员。

          Postdoctoral Research Associate

          University of Exeter

          Faculty of Environment, Science and Economy

          The College wishes to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Associate to support the work of Dr Jamie Shutler. This externally funded post is available immediately until 30/06/2023. This position is part of the Convex Seascape Survey, a global scientific programme that seeks to discover exactly how the ocean performs its vital role as the world's largest carbon sink, including assessing human influences on seabed carbon.

          Funded by Convex Insurance Group Ltd., the project is being undertaken in association with Blue Marine Foundation, with science led by the University of Exeter in collaboration with UK and international partners. More information on the project available here: Convex Seascape Survey

          The successful applicant will work closely with Dr Jamie Shutler on the task of identifying reference conditions, including the collation, analysis and construction of shelf-sea reference carbon budgets using satellite, in situ and re-analysis data.

          About you

          The successful applicant will be able to present information on research progress and outcomes, communicate complex information, orally, in writing and electronically and prepare proposals and applications to external bodies.

          Applicants will possess a relevant PhD or possess an equivalent qualification/experience in a related field of study and be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in the discipline and of research methods and techniques to work within established research programmes.

          Please ensure you read the Job Description and Person Specification for full details of this role.

          What we can offer you

          Freedom (and the support) to pursue your intellectual interests and to work creatively across disciplines to produce internationally exciting research;

          Support teams that understand the University wide research and teaching goals and partner with our academics accordingly

          An Innovation, Impact and Business directorate that works closely with our academics providing specialist support for external engagement and development

          Our Exeter Academic initiative supporting high performing academics to achieve their potential and develop their career

          A multitude of staff benefits including sector leading benefits around maternity, adoption and shared parental leave (up to 26 weeks full pay), Paternity leave (up to 6 weeks full pay), and a new Fertility Treatment Policy

          A beautiful campus set in the heart of stunning Cornwall

          For further information please contact Dr Jamie Shutler, j.d.shutler@exeter.ac.uk

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