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          来 源:科学人才网


          利兹大学(University of Leeds),是一所位于英国第三大城市、利兹的公立综合性研究型大学,世界百强名校、英国红砖大学,是罗素大学集团,世界大学联盟、国际大学气候联盟、欧洲大学协会、英联邦大学协会、中英大学工程教育与研究联盟、RENKEI、N8大学联盟、白玫瑰大学联盟成员。利兹大学商学院获AACSB、EQUIS和AMBA三重认证,是全球商学院网络、“一带一路”商学院联盟、中欧商校联盟成员。

          Research Fellow in Magnetic Surgical Robots

          University of Leeds

          We are looking for a proactive individual to join our Science and Technology of Robotics in Medicine (STORM) Lab (https: // www. stormlabuk.com/), bringing their excitement for scientific research in surgical robotics with them.

          At the STORM Lab, we strive to improve the quality of life for people undergoing soft-tissue surgery and flexible endoscopy by creating miniature and non-invasive robots. This includes the creation and investigation of miniature capsule-like or tentacle robots to work inside the human body. At the STORM Lab, we are designing and creating soft and compliant robotic devices that can be used within the human body to detect and cure diseases in a non-invasive way.

          This vacancy is created by a major EPSRC grant awarded to the University of Leeds, which aims to define a new generation of surgical tentacle-like robots that can be guided within the human body by magnetic fields to diagnose and treat cancer at an early stage thanks to advanced imaging capabilities. The candidate will join a multi-disciplinary research team aiming at exploring innovative processes to manufacture patient-specific intelligent magnetic tentacles, modelling their behaviour under an external controllable magnetic field, and filed gradient, and testing them in realistic anatomical models.

          The fabrication and manufacturing elements will be conducted in collaboration with Professor Russell Harris of the Future Manufacturing Processes Research Group at the University of Leeds; https: // future-manufacturing- processes.leeds.ac.uk/

          Holding a PhD (or have submitted your thesis before taking up the role) in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Robotics or related disciplines, you will have a proven track- record in medical device design and/or robotic systems, together with a proactive, enthusiastic approach to research.

          What we offer in return

          26 days holiday plus approx.16 Bank Holidays/days that the University is closed by custom (including Christmas) – That's 42 days a year!

          Generous pension scheme plus life assurance – the University contributes 21.6% of salary.

          Health and Wellbeing: Discounted staff membership options at The Edge, our state-of-the-art Campus gym, with a pool, sauna, climbing wall, cycle circuit, and sports halls.

          Personal Development: Access to courses run by our Organisational Development & Professional Learning team, and self-development courses including languages, Creative Writing, Wellbeing Therapies and much more.

          Access to on-site childcare, shopping discounts and travel schemes are also available.

          And much more!

          To explore the post further or for any queries you may have, please contact:

          Pietro Valdastri, Chair in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

          Tel: +44 (0)113 343 3706

          Email: p.valdastri@leeds.ac.uk

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