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          来 源:科学人才网


          牛津大学(University of Oxford;勋衔:Oxon或Oxf),简称“牛津”(Oxford),位于英国牛津,是一所公立研究型大学,采用传统学院制。是罗素大学集团成员,被誉为“金三角名校”和“G5”之一,全球大学校长论坛成员。牛津大学的具体建校时间已不可考,但有档案明确记载的最早的授课时间为1096年,之后在1167年因得到了英国王室的大力支持而快速发展。

          Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant / Project Manager

          University of Oxford

          An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant position in the David Ray group within OCDEM, and the Sir Jules Thorn Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute on a highly prestigious NIHR research grant.

          This programme builds on recent discoveries from our group relating to analysis, and intervention to promote optimal human sleep and circadian function. We are targeting a neglected area, with massive unmet medical need. We are focussed on delivering benefits to healthcare workers who work shifts, and who are suffering with shiftwork associated sleep disorder (SWD).

          Our programme includes three initial workplans exploring systematic literature reviews, analysis of big data and human cohorts, and also analysis of the lived experience of healthcare workers exposed to shiftwork. The post holder will contribute mainly to the lived experience work package. In parallel we will develop and test interventions and the post holder will be expected to participate in this work also, and critically to bring forward evidence in support of specific interventions.

          The post-holder will manage the project, keeping the three participating sites engaged with progress, synthesising evidence from the various strands, and liaising with stakeholders including the funder.

          Outputs: There is an expectation that the candidate will publish in high- impact journals, present at international meetings, drive project progression, and capitalise on the joint academic stakeholders at the Universities of Oxford, Manchester, and Kings College, London. There is considerable scope to pursue exciting new research opportunities emerging from the main programme.

          You will have an interest in or experience of sleep, or circadian research involving human participants, or population health, or psychological research aimed at human sleep questions. Some experience of sleep or circadian research is desirable. A relevant PHD/DPHIL is essential, the post-holder will also be expected to have familiarity with statistical methods, previous publications and experience of presentations. The post holder will work on a new, large interdisciplinary research programme.

          The position is full-time and fixed-term until 30th November 2027, funded with by the NIHR.

          The position will be based at University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

          Please quote reference 162195 on all correspondence. You will be required to upload a CV and supporting statement as part of your online application.

          Only applications received before 12.00 midday on 31st January 2023 can be considered. Interviews are scheduled for the week commencing 13th February 2023.

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